Kidding Around

Picture Sienna happily chomping away on her alfalfa and feed while I squirt milk into the pail, Lily, the barn cat, resting nearby. Usually our milking time together in the barn is very quiet. But it has not been so the past couple of weeks. We’ve had an invasion. We are now sharing the barn with kids.

My husband transformed half the barn into a makeshift goat nursery. Ever heard a hungry or scared kid crying for its mama? It’s loud. So loud, in fact, that there have been a few times where Sienna completely stops eating and looks over at the goats wondering what in the world is making that awful racket. You know it has to be something for Sienna to actually stop eating and take her head out of the feed bin. I’ve tried pulling her head out on several occasions. It doesn’t budge. She’s glued to her food.

Some guests in the makeshift goat nursery in our barn.

I’ll be honest. I don’t know that much about goats. And I don’t like our goats. They are my husband’s project. If someone asks me how many goats we have, I answer, “Too many.”

I know we have one adult buck. And he stinks. Literally, he smells extremely foul. I guess it’s a sort of mating perfume that is supposed to attract the does. We have several does and now some kids, too.  

Unlike horses and cows, goats have a mating season. What that means on our farm is that all the does get bred at the same time of year and then kid very close together. I also know that we mostly have Kiko goats and some are a cross of a little Alpine and Nubian.

New kid on the block

We get asked often if we milk the goats. The short answer is “not usually.” I may post more on that another time. For now, I will leave you with the only compliment I have for the goats:

One of the barn intruders

The babies are very cute.  


  1. Hi Mandi. I love your blog! Being a farm girl myself, I’m appreciating your lifestyle. Please add me to your list of recipients for future blogs; or else ask your Mom to continue forwarding them to me. I enjoy the goat humor! Love you, Aunt Kathy

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  2. Hi Mandi,
    This city girl sure enjoys hearing about life on a farm and about all the animals and their unique natures and personalities. Please add me to your list, as well. Kathy P.

    Liked by 1 person

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