Shiloh & Sienna — Simpatico

For some strange reason, my milk cow and horse have decided to be buddies. More than likely, it’s because they’re both lonely. With no other horses on our farm, Shiloh has befriended Sienna. As I explained in an earlier blog, Sienna is the low-cow on the totem pole, so she’s not exactly Miss Popularity with the other cows. Thus this strange interspecies friendship formed.

Sienna and Shiloh sniff each other.

Sienna will actually lick Shiloh, who seems to enjoy it, or at least put up with it. That is strange enough, but what I really find interesting is the pecking order. All the other cows will give way to Shiloh and are afraid of him. Sienna is afraid of all the other cows, yet not afraid of Shiloh. I don’t get it. There have been two different occasions where I watched Shiloh rearing and pawing right in front of Sienna, and she just stood there not really paying him any mind at all. I guess he was just playing with her, because then he started nuzzling her.

Shiloh is a dun quarter horse gelding. He and Sienna are the same color.

I’m happy they get along so well, because that makes my job easier. When I call Sienna to the barn, she’ll come right in even if Shiloh’s standing by the gate. (And he stands there quite often.) Sienna won’t come near the gate if one of the longhorns is there. I have to shoo the other cow away before she’ll come in.

Of course, I can’t blame her. The longhorns basically have a weapon sticking out of each side of their head. Shiloh has no such weapon, so Sienna must figure he’s safe.  


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