Raw Milk Recon

The Waldo Way offers raw milk from its Guernsey herd.

Raw milk is not one of those commodities that you can find just anywhere. And, obviously, not everyone who prefers to drink raw milk can have their own cow. So where does that leave the folks who want to secure some sustenance fresh from the cow?

There are a couple of ways to buy raw milk in Texas, since our great, modern, legislative minds (heavy sarcasm here) make it unlawful to sell it at the local grocery store. As I’ve discussed in a previous post, if a dairy jumps through the right hoops (and pays the right fees), it can sell raw milk on site. I previously wrote about two local dairies that did just that, Trimble Farms and Jersey Girls.

Another way to purchase raw milk is to buy a share in a milk cow. I have friends that have done this. Since they then become part “owners” of the cow, they can then reap the rewards of that ownership. 

I also found a store that seems to have found a way around the red tape. The Waldo Way is a small store in my area that offers wares from its dairy of Guernseys. I’ve written a little about Guernseys before. In short, Guernsey milk carries the A2 protein. There is some research to suggest that the A2 protein is easier for humans to digest. Guernsey milk also has a distinctive “gold” color to it. 

The Waldo Way also offers some non-dairy products. The muffins are delicious!

The Waldo Way has a very nice store that sells a variety of products. The last time I visited, a gallon of raw milk went for nearly $10 a gallon. Also available were different flavors of yogurt and other dairy delights such as cheese, kefir, cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese, butter, and chocolate milk. Honey, jams, muffins, peanut butter, eggs, beef, chicken, and bread were also sold in the store. 

This is the storefront at The Waldo Way.

If you are looking to buy raw milk in your area, I would suggest talking to some local dairies. Even if those dairies don’t sell milk on site, the owners may know of a different one that does. I’ve found that information regarding small-time operations is mostly spread through word-of-mouth advertising. If you can find a family who buys raw milk, find out where they go. You can also ask around at a farmers’ market. Although raw milk can’t be sold at the market, you may find someone who knows where to locate some. It was through word-of-mouth that I found both The Waldo Way and Trimble Farms. An online search for local dairies led me to discover Jersey Girls. 

It makes me happy to see the success of these smaller operations and to know that they offer their niche products to the community. I hope their success continues, and they keep milking!

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