Seasonal Reflections

Spring brings out the blossoms on the apple tree in our front yard.

I live in an area of the country where we do see four seasons. There are positives to every season… except winter. I hate winter. But, I suppose there aren’t so many insects in the winter, so, yes, I stand by my first statement. There are positives to every season. 

We are just wrapping up spring and heading into summer. I like to joke that our seasons are actually called “flood, drought, flood,” because it seems every year it floods in the spring and fall, and we have a drought in the summer. This spring was definitely a flood. We had more than 10 inches of rainfall in May alone. 

We’ve had so many wet days and not enough dry ones in between that we haven’t been able to put up any hay yet this year. We barely were able to mow the lawn. On the bright side, everything is very green right now! Trees and wildflowers are in bloom. The area does look its finest in the springtime, in my opinion. The cows are all fattening up nicely, and it’s always a relief when we have enough grass in the pasture so we don’t have to feed hay.

My kids gather strawberries at a new field that opened this spring.

In April, I took my two youngest kids strawberry picking. It’s a tradition I started when my son, Brance, was old enough to walk. We’ve picked strawberries every spring, except last year when COVID shut down the world. I hate COVID. But anyway, this year my daughter joined in the fun. A new local strawberry picking field just opened this spring, and it’s just down the road from us. Also, Brance has taken it upon himself to pick all the blackberries he can find around our yard. It’s nice when your kids are old enough to know on their own which berries are ripe enough to pick. Practice makes perfect.

My daughter picks strawberries for the first time.

Spring is also a good time of the year for riding our horses. The weather is perfect for it, in between showers, that is, even if your pasture does seem like a swampland. As we head into summer, it’ll get very uncomfortable to ride during the day. You either get up early to ride, or you skip it. No one likes to ride in 90 to 100 degree heat, especially when it gets as humid as it does here. Trust me, the horses don’t like it either. During the height of summer, all the animals just find a tree and camp out in the shade during the midday heat.

My poor milk cow is due near the end of August. I do not envy her being that pregnant during the whole summer. But, she should have just gotten pregnant earlier, like we planned. Shame on her. Apparently, artificial insemination wasn’t good enough for her. She had to have the real thing.

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