Berries in Bloom

Many of these dewberries are still red but will turn ripe in a few days and be ready to pick.

It’s berry pickin’ time again. We missed strawberry picking this spring, because of, well, the coronavirus crisis of 2020. However, that couldn’t stop us from picking dewberries last week, since they grow in our own pasture. Dewberries are basically a wild version of blackberries. They aren’t quite as big or sweet, but they are still tasty. 

Dewberries grow on thorny vines along the ground.

At first, it might seem like a good thing that we can walk through our pasture and pick plenty of dewberries. However, people who actually have dewberries know what that really means is that our pasture is full of weeds. Yes, it is. There are far too many brambles in our grass that grow like mad and are a real hassle all throughout the year except for a couple of weeks when they are good for picking berries. Goats love these brambles, but cows won’t touch them.

It takes quite awhile to pick a bowl full of berries.

This was the first year where my youngest son was actually more of a help picking berries than a hindrance. He’s three now, and we’ve been picking berries together since he could walk. This year, I could say, “Only pick the black ones, put them in your bowl, and watch out for the thorns.” And, he actually did that. In years past, his bowl was usually empty because he either ate them all or spilled them. Plus, he didn’t always pick the ripe ones. 

So, last week, I carted the baby in a stroller through the pasture and Brance and I picked berries until we were hot and tired. The berries are good to eat plain, in yogurt, in scones, in cobblers, etc., just like blackberries.  

The next two fruits that should be ripe for the picking in a couple of weeks are peaches and wild plums.

A spring baby, Smoky is our first calf of the year.

I also wanted to briefly mention that we had our first calf of the year. When he was born, he was gray, so I named him Smoky. However, after a couple weeks, he lightened up quite a bit and now looks more tan in color. Sometimes calves will lighten up and other times they will darken.

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