Puppy Love

Sadie is the newest addition to our farm.

Well, I caved. After weeks of my youngest son saying he wanted a dog, I got him one. But, let’s face it, adding a dog on a farm isn’t really a big deal. Welcome to the menagerie, the more the merrier, type of thing. Besides, a farm isn’t complete without a farm dog, right? So, that’s what I got, a farm dog. We named her Sadie.

Sadie is half border collie, so she should make a good herding dog.

Our new puppy is half border collie, half kelpie. Both are sheep dog breeds. I wanted a breed that would be a quick learner, smart, and good with animals and kids. We eventually plan to get sheep, so maybe I’ll get super ambitious and train Sadie to herd the sheep. Maybe. She’s already been barking at our goats and cat, so I’m sure the desire is there. She didn’t bark at Shiloh, our horse, though, seeming to understand his size meant “back off.”

Our farm cat, Lily, lounges on our porch rocker. This was before Sadie came.

Our farm cat, Lily, seems extremely annoyed at our newest addition. She hasn’t come near the house since we brought Sadie home. That’s actually fine with me, since Lily’s supposed to live in the barn anyway. 

Brance plays with his new puppy.

The best part about giving a puppy to your kid is watching your child enjoy their new friend. Brance is only 3 years old, so he’s fairly easy to entertain. He’s overjoyed that he has a buddy to follow him all over the yard, including into his sandbox and behind the bushes. Sadie doesn’t tire of his constant attention like our cat does. I also put Brance in charge of feeding her, to teach him some responsibility. The only problem is that he wants to feed her all throughout the day. 

Hopefully, Sadie will be a loyal friend to Brance and make a good farm dog and protector of the animals.

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